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Xiaxue is a Singaporean Youtuber and social media influencer who is also active on Instagram.

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HEYA!! I'm Xiaxue. That's Chinese for "Snowing". I'm a blogger and have been for over a decade since 2003. I used to post mainly beauty videos/tutorials. However, on March 2013 I gave birth to my son, Dashiel Marquet Sayre, who is so cute I can barely get any work done. These days, I post mainly videos about Dash because amazingly enough, I stopped being a completely self-absorbed person like I used to be. LOL!! I like filming Dash because kids grow up so fast. If I don't film his cutest moments and significant milestones, I will never be able to remember how he was like as a baby when he is a broody teenager. Hopefully YouTube is still around by then, shooting holographic 3D videos out of our smartphones that can cook, clean and do surgical procedures. I also have regular videos with Clicknetwork, who produces Guide to Life, my web show since 2007. If you wish to watch them, please go over to Clicknetwork's YouTube channel. xoxo

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@xiaxue - YouTuber ♡ Makeup addict ♡ Mom ♡ Impertinent Internet Person ♡ Hitting back at h8ters since 2003 🤷🏼‍♀️ ✏️Xiaxue.sg 🐥Twitter.com/Xiaxue 👇🏻Newest Video!

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Currently, Xiaxue has around 240938 Youtube subscribers and ranked 17th on the Singaporean Youtuber top list based on channel subscriber number and belongs to the 6%. The channel has 98 videos so far and 29079234 views..


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# Date Subs
17. 12/07 240938
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# Date Views
67. 12/07 29079234

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Xiaxue (@xiaxue) is a Singaporean and digital influencer, who is active on Instagram. Currently has 4058 Insta posts and approx. 612434 Instagram followers and ranked 9th among the most followed insta stars in Singapore. A post published by averagely gets 29.0 comments and 5751 likes. At the moment he ranked at the 36th place on the top list based on photo likes.

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# Date Followers
9. 12/07 612434
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# Date Likes
36. 12/07 5751
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# Date %
484. 12/07 0.94

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