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Ning Cai is a Singaporean Author and digital influencer.

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@ning.thing - TEDx Speaker Bestselling Author Sodastream SG ambassador National Arts Council arts scholar Singapore Kindness Movement ambassador In UK till 2019

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Ning Cai (@ning.thing) is a Singaporean Author and digital influencer, who is active on Instagram. Currently has 6918 Insta posts and approx. 11929 Instagram followers and ranked 393th among the most followed insta stars in Singapore. A post published by Ning Cai averagely gets 4.25 comments and 1013 likes. At the moment she ranked at the 186th place on the top list based on photo likes.

Follower-Rankings - history

Based on the number of insta followers.

# Date Followers
393. 12/07 11929
Like-Rankings – history

Based on the number of insta likes.

# Date Likes
186. 12/07 1013
Follower Engagement Rankings – history

Based on the ratio of actively liking followers.

# Date %
44. 12/07 8.49

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