Millennials Of Singapore

Millennials Of Singapore

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Millennials Of Singapore is a Singaporean Youtuber and social media influencer who is also active on Instagram.

Instagram Top List Rankings

Ranked on the 541th place (Top 95%) based on the number of Instagram followers.

Ranked on the 504th place (Top 90%) based on the average number of Instagram post likes.

Ranked on the 165th place based on the number of actively liking Insta followers.

Millennials Of Singapore
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Youtube Channel Description

The official video channel of Millennials of Singapore (MOSG). Run by millennials who seek to hear and share compelling stories of everyday individuals. We create a range of entertaining and thought-provoking content for Singaporeans of all ages. Don't hesitate to join in on the conversation through the comments section. We love to hear from everyone! To maintain a safe community for healthy conversations, we will be moderating comments. Help us spark conversations that matter!

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@millennials.of.singapore - Everyday millennials in Singapore, with stories only they can tell. DM us if you have a story to share. �

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YouTube Ranking Summary

Currently, Millennials Of Singapore has around 79478 Youtube subscribers and ranked 73th on the Singaporean Youtuber top list based on channel subscriber number and belongs to the 26%. The channel has 75 videos so far and 8961473 views..


Subscriber Ranking - history

Based on subscriber number.

# Date Subs
73. 12/07 79478
Video Views Ranking - history

Based on the total number of videos.

# Date Views
145. 12/07 8961473

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Instagram Ranking Summary

Millennials Of Singapore (@millennials.of.singapore) is a Singaporean and digital influencer, who is active on Instagram. Currently has 89 Insta posts and approx. 1665 Instagram followers and ranked 541th among the most followed insta stars in Singapore. A post published by averagely gets 2.25 comments and 64 likes. At the moment he ranked at the 504th place on the top list based on photo likes.

Follower-Rankings - history

Based on the number of insta followers.

# Date Followers
541. 12/07 1665
Like-Rankings – history

Based on the number of insta likes.

# Date Likes
504. 12/07 64
Follower Engagement Rankings – history

Based on the ratio of actively liking followers.

# Date %
165. 12/07 3.84

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