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TOP 10 - Singaporean Influencers with Most Instagram Followers

# Name Followers
1. Aaron Aziz 2886928
2. ONE Championship 1480805
3. ChuanDo 1172266
4. Dotz Soh 997685
5. Jamie Chua 887872
6. Steph Adams 881485
7. Atikah Suhaime 821486
8. Brad Lau 618242
9. Xiaxue 612434
10. Jane Chuck 526438

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TOP 10 - Youtube Channels with Most Subscribers in Singapore

# Youtuber Subscribers
1. Oddbods - Official Channel 2991679
2. Clicknetwork 1209925
3. Wah!Banana 1086141
4. Love Song 887657
5. Ryan Sylvia 846636
6. Peggie Neo 607617
7. NCHProductions 482561
8. jyeoms 453323
9. Elixir de Vie Singapore 423612
10. Naomi Neo 363242

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